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As a first generation Tampeño born and raised in West Tampa, it was always important to my abuela that we held on to our Cuban heritage and traditions.


She had a passion for cooking and would spend countless hours over the stove preparing the perfect meal, but no meal of hers was ever complete without her signature Flan. 


I loved her cooking, but I was a picky eater, and didn’t like flan. That all changed when my mother, using my abuela's flan recipe, added peanut butter into the batch. From that first bite, I became a flanatic.

The flan was a hit among family and friends, and even became a staple on the menu at my parent’s restaurant, which they eventually sold in 2009.


When my abuela passed away in 2014. I would often find myself reminiscing about the countless family dinners she had hosted, and the evolution of her flan.


In 2016, I decided to honor my abuelas memory and keep her legacy alive by introducing the world to Flan Factory.

Try our flan, it's flantastic!

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