As a first generation Tampeño born and raised in West Tampa, it was always important to my abuela that we held on to our Cuban heritage and traditions.


My abuela had a passion for cooking and would spend countless hours over the stove preparing the perfect meal. The smell of sazon would permeate the casita, the cazuelas would pile high over the kitchen sink and la familia would gather around the dining room table.


No meal of hers was ever complete without her signature Flan. 


I loved my abuelitas cooking, however, I was a picky eater and didn’t care for flan. That all changed when my mother, using my abuela's flan recipe, added peanut butter into the batch. From that first bite, I became a “Flanatic.”


We began to infuse different ingredients into our family recipe, experimenting with a multitude of flavors. The flan was a hit among family and friends, even becoming a staple on the menu for my parent’s restaurant.  


My parents sold their restaurant in 2009, but my mother continued to make flans for family and customers. Balancing a full-time job and making flans on the side, it was hard for her to keep up with the demand.


After my abuela passed in 2014, I would often find myself reminiscing about the many family dinners she had hosted and the evolution of her flan. It was in 2016 when I decided to honor her memory and keep her legacy alive by introducing the world to Flan Factory.


Our hand-crafted, artisanal flans come in over 30 different flavors that are sure to make a flanatic out of anyone. 

Come try our flan... it's Flantastic!